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Welcome to Café Du Pain Bakery, where our best-in-class baked goods are inspired by cultures, languages, and diverse food traditions. We are an award-winning globally-inspired, Creole bakery with a fondness for French patisserie, leveraging the power of food to create a more delicious world. Our mixture of cross-cultural spices and intentionally sourced global ingredients produce unique baked goods and community-based food experiences.

Embark on a  journey with us to a delicious destination!

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Baked goods inspired by the world, created to connect the world.

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Bread & Pastry Club

Café du Pain introduces our Bread Experience Club. Bread is a symbol of hospitality, the taste of experiences shared, a flavor of destinations unknown. Treat yourself or gift it to a friend. We offer shipping as well as in-store pick-up. Come break bread with us!

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Delicious is an experience, and a vision for a more harmonious, connected world.  Sign up below to stay connected to our email list and let us make your day a little more delicious.

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Bake For Good

When you purchase from us, you are investing in your community to create a cycle where each dollar you spend is recycled back into the community for good.

At Café Du Pain Bakery, we bake to create a more delicious world.  And in so doing we help to nurture ourselves, our communities, and our relationships.

Learn more about our Birthday Cake Project, Kids Cookie Project, Frontline lunches and more! 

Community Impact

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Catering & Special Occasions

Simplify delicious with Café Du Pain Catering! 

We are excited to help with events of all sizes. From an intimate dinner party to an all-out corporate cocktail event, or anything in between, we are here to simplify delicious!

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