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At Café Du Pain Bakery, we bake to create a more delicious world, in so doing we help to nurture ourselves, our communities, and our relationships.

When you purchase from us, you are investing in your community to create a cycle where each dollar you spend is recycled back into the community for good.

We're building a more connected and harmonious world. As a result, we’ve undertaken numerous initiatives as part of our mission to leverage food as a humanizing experience. We're harnessing the power of food to connect people, cultures and create a more delicious world.

We partner with local food pantries, churches, and nonprofits to support our local community, a key pillar of our business for good impact and environmental sustainability efforts.

The Birthday Cake Project

Our signature initiative is The Birthday Cake Project.

About the Birthday Cake Project

Children and young adults impacted by homelessness and poverty rarely get the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays. One can argue that the challenges brought on by unfortunate circumstances deserve far more than a simple birthday celebration. But we, at Café Du Pain Bakery, believe that little moments of joy, however small, can have a big impact on a child’s life.

The Birthday Cake Project donates a cake or cakes to celebrate at-risk youths’ birthdays each month through our partnership with local non-profit, PEI Kids. Our mission at Café Du Pain Bakery is to create a more delicious world,  we believe that everyone deserves a little sweetness in their lives. The Birthday Cake Project celebrates youths under 18 years of age.

You too can join in on the fun of generosity so together we are creating a delicious world! Support the Birthday Cake Project by sponsoring one cake or half a cake. At the end of each month, we will present your cake with love from you. It takes just one person, one small act of kindness to make the world a better place. You can do so right now, right here.

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Kids Cookie Project

During this unsettling and stressful time, parents living in shelters are trying - like parents everywhere - to keep their children engaged and busy each day. Help bring some joy to families facing homelessness by providing a fun, creative activity that parents and kids can enjoy together. Café du Pain's Kids Cookie Project provides Cookie Decorating kits to these families through local shelters. Please donate to help us help them. We are currently working with these organizations: Homefront; Bromley Community Center

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Frontline Lunches

We are delivering packaged lunchboxes to our frontline workers! Thank you for all your work! As requested by many Frontline organizations, our boxes are pre-packaged with all necessary utensils to prevent gathering in front of serving areas.

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Job Training through Structured Learning Experiences

In partnership with Lawrence, Trenton and Hamilton high schools, we provide on the job skills training for students with special learning abilities to help them develop job skills and experience in the food sector as they prepare for the world. Since introducing this program a year ago, we have trained over 20 students, one of whom is now a member of our staff.

Addressing Food Security

Through a partnership with a local soup kitchen and church, we provide quality end of day bread and pastries to support feeding those with food insecurity, including veterans and vulnerable families with children.

Sustainability Practice

We partner with a local chicken farm in Pennington, NJ where we provide artisan bread as feed for free. And we purchase free-range eggs from the said farm to ensure the highest quality ingredients in support of a sustainable food system. Additionally, we partner with a local gardener to provide used coffee grounds for fertilizer to minimize waste.