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Our Community, Our Stories

In this extraordinary time of change, sharing our stories defines how we are living through this situation together and deepens our relationships by sharing the moments of this experience. This is the first of a series of Our Community, Our Stories brought to you by Cafe Du Pain. These simple stories feature community members like you who are redefining life’s moments.

The first series focuses on graduation and includes stories from students, parents, and teachers.

I Didn't Have a Chance to Say Goodbye, But I'll Still Eat the Chocolate Cake

Hey guys! My name is Anna and I'm the marketing coordinator at Cafe Du Pain Bakery and Rider University graduate, class of 2020.

I want to share how my graduation's postponement affected me and my family. I hope you might be inspired to share your story too.

I've imagined myself wearing a cap and gown at my college graduation when I moved to the States with my family almost 9 years ago from Russia. It had been a dream of mine and for the person who could barely speak English- it seemed impossible.

But here I am now, like most of my fellow classmates, have had several internships, been part of student organizations, and was capable to achieve high academic performance.

My semester got cut off short and I wasn't able to say bye to my friends, professors, enjoy the last minutes of this incredible life as a college student. I enjoyed every second of it even when struggled to find balance.

The experiences and knowledge that I got while at college are priceless and we all need to celebrate our achievements. There are many of us struggling to keep smiles on our faces and secure a full-time job.

But we will get through this. If you or someone you know is going through the same thing, cheer them up, make them feel special, celebrate their achievements like never before! Hold space for them to just be in the moment. This isn't easy.

I'm so looking forward to eating my favorite chocolate cake with my friends and family and hope you can make it memorable for someone as well! As we practice physical distancing, our need for connections increases.

We Want to Feature You!

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Send your story, along with a picture, and tell us how you are redefining the moments right now, or forward this to people you know for an opportunity to get their stories featured with some cupcakes to share these moments together.

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