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Café Du Pain Bakery Launches Birthday Cake Project to Celebrate At-Risk Youth

Café Du Pain Bakery Launches Birthday Cake Project to Celebrate At-Risk Youth

Bakery helps boys and girls in PEI Kids programs celebrate birthdays

Lawrenceville, NJ, April 15, 2019 – Today, Café du Pain Bakery announced the launch of their new Birthday Cake Project, an innovative way to support and celebrate local at-risk youth. Starting in May 2019, the bakery will donate a birthday cake each month to children in PEI Kids programs, a local organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining a safe environment for all children.

 “We believe in giving back to the Lawrenceville community, which has welcomed us with open arms,” Café du Pain Bakery Managing Director/Prioritaire and Chief Baker Marie Onyeani said. “And we can’t think of a better way to say thank you than putting a smile on kids’ faces. We’re very excited about our partnership with PEI Kids, and we hope the birthday cakes will help the children and youth in their programs know how special they truly are.”

The Birthday Cake Project celebrates at-risk children in PEI Kids’ Child Victims of Sexual Abuse program and Juvenile Intervention Services program. Children in these programs are often impacted by homelessness, poverty, violence, or sexual abuse, and as a result, rarely get the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays. Café Du Pain hopes to bring a little joy back into their lives, as part of the bakery’s mission to create a more delicious world.

“Our programs contain a population of children and youth whose birthdays can easily go unnoticed and often do,” PEI Kids Executive Director Roz Dashiell said. “The Birthday Cake Project is a lovely, heartfelt idea, and I am excited that Café du Pain Bakery got in touch to involve our agency.”

PEI Kids’ Crisis Intervention for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse program provides immediate, professional counseling for child victims of sexual abuse, ages 3-18, and their non-offending, supportive family members. The aim of the program is to mitigate the effects of sexual abuse on child victims, enable parents to identify attitudes/parenting styles supportive of the counseling process, educate parents on how to identify behavior exhibited by sexually abused children, and reduce the risk of future victimization.

PEI Kids’ Juvenile Intervention Services provide at-risk and adjudicated youth with the resources necessary for redirecting their lives. These services teach participants how to turn away from aggression and crime and toward safe and productive futures.

To learn more and to be part of The Birthday Cake Project, visit Café  du Pain Bakery's website and click “Social Impact.”

For more on the bakery’s story and social impact, Café du Pain Managing Director/Prioritaire and Chief Baker Marie Onyeani is available for interviews.

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