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The Importance of Baking with Your Kids

The Importance of Baking with Your Kids

Here at Cafe du Pain Bakery we believe the best way to learn is through the mutual love of food. A little bit of sweetness speaks everyone's language so why not get everyone into the kitchen, including those who are yearning to help the most… Yes, your littles! Children as young as age 2 can help out with several of the fun, yet important parts of baking, which builds important life skills while also making beautiful memories with loved ones. Plus, there’s the added bonus of something yummy at the end of each lesson. Want to learn more about why it’s so important to get your kids in the kitchen? Then read on! 

Builds Fundamental Skills

When following a recipe you’re helping your child hone math skills by doing simple counting and measuring. You’ll need to count the number of eggs, for example, or fill a measuring cup up to 1/4 cup. Reading the recipe aloud together builds vocabulary, promotes literacy and helps your child practice listening skills as they follow each direction. And by getting their hands dirty along the way they’ll retain more of the information they’re learning. 

Boosts Confidence

No matter what age your children are baking together helps build a sense of accomplishment. Praise your child for helping and they’ll leave feeling proud! Baking together not only builds a child’s confidence within themselves but in the kitchen as well. Boosting this particular confidence will ensure they know how to handle themselves in this area down the road. 

Helps Explore The Senses

We all learn and create memories through our senses. A simple smell can bring you right back to a specific event or day in your past, such as grandma’s home cooking! Invite your child to listen to the whir of the mixer, pound dough and watch it rise. They can smell it baking in the oven and finally taste their beautiful creation. If you have a picky eater, baking can also help open their eyes to new ingredients that they can taste along the way. Even healthy ones because baking isn’t limited to just sugar and flour! Seeing ingredients come together to create a baked good also shows the difference between real food and processed. 

Builds Relationships

In addition to helping parents to spend time with their children, baking together fosters cooperation and communication. It’s shocking how well your child or children will listen and work together when there's a batch of cookies at stake!

Creative Outlet

Kids love getting getting messy and baking does just that! Older kids can express their creativity in recipe development and food presentation. Younger ones can help decorate , mix together colors or even create different shapes with cookie cutters. 

There’s really no reason to not have your child join you in the kitchen, just as long as it's kept safe! Be sure to find a recipe that’s suited for the age of your child. Have a preschooler?

Choose one that is 5-10 minutes long with some cooking related activities they can complete independently and safely. Have an older child? Find one that can challenge their skills and help keep them interested in the process, such as kneading dough or frosting a cake.

No matter what, make sure that you're spending time in the kitchen baking with your kids. It can foster an interest in food that will last for life! 

Don't Know Where to Start?

We want to help you create those beautiful memories. We're holding a Beginner Bakers Summer class this July that will have your youngest chef creating some culinary masterpieces, such as Pizza Hand Pockets, Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins and Swedish Apple Pancakes, to name a few. At the same time they are getting their hands dirty, they will also be learning life skills and refreshing core standards. Full details on the class and how you can sign your child up can be found by clicking here. 

Beginner Bakers Summer
Session 1
July 9-12,  9:00 am - 10:30 am Each Morning
Ages: 4 - 6