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Our Story

Your Passport to a more Delicious world.

We are a globally inspired, Creole bakery with a fondness for French patisserie, leveraging the power of food to create a more delicious world. Our mixture of cross-cultural spices and intentionally sourced global ingredients produce fresh baked goods, delicious coffee and tea, and community-based food experiences. 

Embark on a  journey with us to a delicious destination! 

For the love of baking and delicious baked goods

At Café Du Pain Bakery, we love to bake. We are technical bakers skilled in the art and science of baking; we are world travelers and community-builders, we are innovators. Our purpose is to bring people together to experience a more delicious world.

For over 20 years, we have been fascinated by the art of baking, and we delight in using our expertise to infuse joy into every bite. Our founders and staff have honed their craft through training at schools such as the King Arthur Flour Baking School and the Institute of Culinary Education, professional experience in the baking industry, and global travel. Now we are applying this unique blend of experience and expertise to create carefully crafted and deeply delectable baked goods for you. Marie Onyeani, our chief baker and founder, brings the unapologetic insistence on the highest quality ingredients - no compromises.

Café du Pain Bakery is Your Passport to Delicious. Here, delicious is more than just mouth-watering baked goods (although, yes, it's also that!)

Delicious is a mindset; it's an experience.

It’s a mindset of adventure. Our menu travels the world: from savory Haitian Kreyòl patties, to French croissants, and Madagascar vanilla Caribbean coconut cake.

It's a mindset of connection. We've seen bread bring all sorts of people together. Breaking bread is the universal language of community.

It’s a mindset of care. Care for each other, our bodies, and the planet. It’s why our food is made from wholesome, intentionally sourced ingredients. It’s why we built social impact initiatives into the core of our business. It’s why you will feel like family when you walk through our doors.

Delicious is an experience, and a vision for a more harmonious, connected world.

***Let us make your day a little more Delicious.***