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We are a globally inspired, Creole bakery with a fondness for French patisserie, leveraging the power of food to create a more delicious world. Our mixture of cross-cultural spices and intentionally sourced global ingredients produce fresh baked goods, delicious coffee and tea, and community-based food experiences.

Embark on a  journey with us to a delicious destination!

For the love of baking and delicious baked goods

At Café Du Pain Bakery, we love to bake. We are technical bakers skilled in the art and science of baking; we are world travelers and community-builders, we are innovators. Our purpose is to bring people together to experience a more delicious world.

For over 20 years, we have been fascinated by the art of baking, and we delight in using our expertise to infuse joy into every bite. Our founders and staff have honed their craft through training at schools such as the King Arthur Flour Baking School and the Institute of Culinary Education, professional experience in the baking industry, and global travel. Now we are applying this unique blend of experience and expertise to create carefully crafted and deeply delectable baked goods for you. Marie Onyeani, our chief baker and founder, brings the unapologetic insistence on the highest quality ingredients - no compromises.

Café du Pain Bakery is Your Passport to Delicious. Here, delicious is more than just mouth-watering baked goods (although, yes, it's also that!)

Delicious is a mindset; it's an experience.

It’s a mindset of adventure. Our menu travels the world: from savory Haitian Kreyòl patties to French croissants, and Madagascar vanilla Caribbean coconut cake.

It's a mindset of connection. We've seen bread bring all sorts of people together. Breaking bread is the universal language of community.

It’s a mindset of care. Care for each other, our bodies, and the planet. It’s why our food is made from wholesome, intentionally sourced ingredients. It’s why we built social impact initiatives into the core of our business. It’s why you will feel like family when you walk through our doors.

Delicious is an experience, and a vision for a more harmonious, connected world.

Let us make your day a little more Delicious.

Speciality Breads (Pain) & Viennoiseries

Our bread makes every moment a moment to connect, to nurture community, to show each other we care. We're here to create real, human moments of connection for our global human family. We believe bread is a universal language. The variety of shapes and sizes we offer reflects this community and the rich heritage of our bread.

Kreyol Patties
Pâté Haïtien
Haitian Patties

We invite you to celebrate community, island style, with our Haitian pastry turnover filled with a variety of tropical flavors and byen manje (Eat Well) savoring the haitian patties (pah-tay) filled with a savory variety of chicken, beef, spinach and cheese.

What stories will our bread and our pastries inspire in your life?

Parting Bread with Friends

Two friends sit on an outdoor patio, a pain de campagne between them. Its crunchy exterior holding not only the secrets of the soft warmth it within - but the secrets of the two friends, engulfed in conversation.

The Bread & Pastry Club

Breakfast as a Family

A family sits at breakfast, pulling apart the warm Brioche Nanterre. Its egg-washed luxurious color and shine, glints like the sun overhead. Its light and slightly puffy interior melts on their tongues as they indulge in the adventures of the day to come.

The Bread & Pastry Club


Co-workers end a long meeting, tired and hungry. They emerge to the break room table. There they find: a perfect platter of viennoiseries. One bite into the sweet and flaky treats, and smiles emerge. One mouthful later, the ideas start humming again. They are refueled and ready to tackle the day!

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Cakes: making any occasion special

She said “yes” and they said “let’s celebrate new beginnings.” On the dessert table, perched an assortment of individual desserts.  In the center, elevated proudly and posed perfectly was the crown jewel: the centerpiece cake. The real icing on the cake? Starting a new chapter, filled with hope and surrounded by the love of her friends and family.



It was an honor to be invited. It will be fun to make new friends and catch up with some old ones, he thought. He decided to bring something to the occasion, something that everyone would like. The perfect solution: a variety of cupcakes and cookies topped with sweet goodness. Would anyone notice that one was missing from the box?

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Together they sat, the group of them. Sipping their lattes, black coffee, and teas. Some sat silently, looking out the windows in quiet meditation. Others intently involved in the conversation, voices ebbing and flowing. Looking at this table of introverts and extroverts, it might seem like a strange group. But between them sat a tray of pastries, heavily laden with croissants, eclairs, and baklava. In their presence, all differences were forgotten.

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What's our secret to delicious?

Bread Ingredients

Stoneground whole wheat flour, rye flour, semolina flour, organic unbleached white flour, California walnuts, raisins, water, levain, natural starter, sea salt, olives, sunflower seeds, oats, flaxseeds, honey, olive oil.

Viennoiseries Ingredients

Almond flour, bread flour, cake flour, European butter, European chocolate, whole milk, fresh yeast, organic eggs, sugar, vanilla.


Sweet puff pastry dough, apples, assorted seasonal fruits, natural cinnamon, organic brown sugar, high-quality chocolate, European butter, nutmeg, fresh lemon, natural maple syrup, vanilla bean.

Kreyol Patties Ingredients

Puff Pastry: flour, butter, salt, fresh lemon juice, filter water.

Fillings: beef or chicken, onion, garlic, shallot, lime juice, seasoning salt, thyme, tomato, paste, olive oil.

Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookie Ingredients

All-natural purpose flour, almond flour, sugar, salt, butter, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, milk, eggs, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, lemon, coconut, carrots.


All-natural purpose flour, almond flour, white sugar, organic brown sugar, salt, butter, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, milk, eggs, chocolate chips, walnuts, rolled oats, baking soda.

Our products are baked fresh daily and made with the highest quality sourced ingredients, free of chemicals and preservatives.